A tour of Huguette Clark's California mansion, frozen in time for 60 years

NBC News carried Bill Dedman's report about his recent tour with Paul Newell of Bellosguardo, Huguette Clark's home in Santa Barbara. Here's a link to his story

Bill reports: I was fortunate to be allowed by the Clark estate administrators to be the first journalist to report on a tour of Huguette's Santa Barbara home, known as Bellosguardo. Though its owners have not visited in more than 60 years, Bellosguardo could easily be ready tonight for a dinner party. See the 1930s cars in the garage, the fine woodwork, and the gardens. We also share a beautiful set of photos as Bellosguardo was in its heyday in the 1940s. Co-author Paul Clark Newell, Jr., and I greatly enjoyed our close-up look at Bellosguardo. Perhaps someday it will be opened up to the public. A board of trustees for the Bellosguardo Foundation should be named soon.

Others also published photos from Bellosguardo past and present: