The Huguette Clark Family Fund for Protection of Elders

The distant relatives of Huguette Clark, who received at least $34.5 million in the settlement of her estate, have put out a press release to announce that they've given away $51,000 of it.

Meanwhile, the executors of the estate are in court claiming that Huguette Clark was insane. This is part of the estate's litigation against the hospital and doctors. Such litigation was anticipated by the settlement of Huguette's estate. The family members have described themselves as not involved in this litigation, which is true only if one ignores that half of any money won in the litigation will go to them. Under the settlement, half the money would go to the relatives, and one-quarter to the Corcoran Gallery of Art (which is folding its collection into the National Gallery of Art), and one-quarter to the new Bellosguardo Foundation.