Buy Empty Mansions in bulk

To order author-signed copies of Empty Mansions for sale or giveaway or events, send an email to Bill Dedman.

If you want to make a bulk order of Empty Mansions without having the books autographed, call customer service at Random House, at 800-733-3000. The ISBN for the hardcover edition of Empty Mansions is 978-0345534521.

Autographed books

If you want to have individual copies of Empty Mansions signed:

  1. Buy Empty Mansions. See a list of booksellers.
  2. Wrap the books securely.
  3. Include your name and mailing address. Yes, books sometimes arrive with no indication who sent them.
  4. Include a note with names if you want the books inscribed to a particular person.
  5. Send the books to Bill Dedman, 1771 Post Road East, #125, Westport, CT 06880.
  6. Include cash or a check to Bill Dedman for U.S. Postal Service media mail: The hardcover books are 2 pounds each, so the rates to ship them are $3.17 for one book, $4.13 for two books, $5.09 for three books, $6.03 for four books, and $6.95 for five books.
  7. Send an email to Bill Dedman to connect.